Axis at the London Art Fair 2014

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Chess Painting No 9

Tom Hackney, Chess Painting No.9 (F.Marshall vs. M.Duchamp, Hamburg, 1930)2011

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Axisweb at the London Art Fair 2014

We are excited to be exhibiting again in Art Projects at the London Art Fair with work by four artists from our directory.

Axisweb at the London Art Fair 
Come and Join us 
15-19 January 2014

Axisweb returns to exhibit at the fair within critically acclaimed Art Projects, which focuses on emerging artists, curated group displays and large-scale installations.

Our selection focuses on four artists who take pleasure in abstract shape, colour and pattern, and whose works reveal something of their own making.

Clive A Brandon

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Virginia Verran: November’s Artist of the Month 
Selecting work for London Art Fair 
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