Isaac Julien@ Victoria Miro- “seven screen work”

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 08.55.11“Well known filmmaker and installation artist, Isaac Julien came to prominence in the film world with his 1989 drama-documentary Looking for Langston. By incorporating themes of sexuality and race, Julien’s work expands conventional strategies of narrative and beauty to explore stereotypical cinematic portrayals of gay and black subjects“(

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..I am looking forward to seeing his amazing work at Victoria Miro from January 24th:

Isaac Julien | Artists | Victoria Miro.“Exhibited for the first time as a seven-screen work, PLAYTIME transforms the whole of Victoria Miro’s upstairs gallery into a striking and immersive installation, montaging the work’s protagonists and locations across multiple screens in reference to capital’s potential to both facilitate global movement and to create its own barriers.

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Isaac Julien, HORIZON/ELSEWHERE (PLAYTIME), 2013. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London.

Issac Julien

24 January–1 March 2014

Victoria Miro
16 Wharf Road
London, N1 7RW

Victoria Miro Mayfair
14 St George Street
London W1S 1FE

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Victoria Miro is delighted to announce Isaac Julien’s PLAYTIME, an ambitious new body of work exploring the dramatic and nuanced subject of capital.The exhibition coincides with the UK release by The Museum of Modern Art, New York of RIOT, the first publication to span the artist’s trail-blazing career over the past three decades.
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