Eagle Gallery-Artist Gerry Ewens- Opens today

Eagle Artists.

Gerry Ewens

email – gerry@ewens.org


Gerry was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and studied for a Fine Art BA Honours

degree at the University of Hertfordshire.  She worked in London and locally as a

Graphic Designer for clients including Sainsbury’s, Burtons, Boots, Clarks and Fine Fare.

She now lives and works in Bedford and her studio is on the site of Emmaus, Carlton.

She has been working as Artist in Residence for PLACE Home Educators teaching

art to their children.

Gerry has exhibited in group and solo shows for many years. Recently she completed 22 commissions from BAA Heathrow VIP Lounges and the Royal Suite at Terminal 5 and for

private clients locally and London.

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