Art Courses at Rabley Drawing Centre

We are pleased to confirm the following exhibitions of selected sketchbooks. Further dates to be confirmed. There will be a special opening and Prize-giving on Saturday 14 September 2013 at Rabley Drawing Centre.
  • RABLEY DRAWING CENTRE, 16 September – 12 October 2013
  • BLACK SWAN ARTS – FROME, 10 January – 8 February 2014
  • PLYMOUTH COLLEGE OF ART, 17 March – 22 April 2014


Sketch 2011

Art Courses at Rabley Drawing Centre.
Rabley Drawing Centre

Rabley Barn
Mildenhall, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 2LW
01672 511999
The sketchbook is the most intimate creative form, it is the space where our ideas first become concrete and echoes of our ideas unravel a space for thought. For some contemporary artists this intimate form is the ‘work’, for others it is a place to record and hold information. For most it is the hinterland between the genesis of an idea and ‘the making”   Meryl Ainslie.
The SKETCH 2013 Open Sketchbook Drawing Prize and exhibition of artists’ sketchbooks promotes the diversity and importance of drawing and the role of the sketchbook in contemporary fine art practice. Sketchbooks will be selected for a national touring exhibition through open submission from artists and students of art, resident or domiciled in the UK.
Rabley Fine Art Print Editioning Prize – The selected artist will be invited to work in collaboration with Rabley Press to publish a limited edition fine art print.
Exhibition Prize – The selected artist will be offered a solo exhibition (in addition to the touring exhibition).
‘The Role of the Sketchbook in Contemporary Fine Art Practice’
Saturday 28 September
SEMINAR: Keynote speaker Sarah Bodman, Senior Research Fellow for Artists’ Books at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR, UWE) Discussion Panel and more details to be announced. Venue – Rabley Drawing Centre
Sketchbook Workshop Day
Sunday 29 September


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