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Alex McIntyre a fellow of Digswell Arts Trust will be exhibiting works on paper from 9-21 May 2013 at Espacio Gallery

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FEATURING ARTISTS TOM HAMMICK Hammick’s work is concerned with using landscape as metaphor: for the human condition, states of mind, and a sense of love and loss for our natural world. LIZZIE MARY CULLEN Multi award winning artist / illustrator as seen on BBC, MTV, The Independent and more! Drawing cities, people, wall murals, Lizzie’s pen and ink drawings continue to win high critical acclaim, both nationally and internationally. ALBERTA BAMONTE ALEX McINTYRE ALEXANDRA HARLEY BRUNI SCHLING CAROLINE CARY CHARLOTTE DAVIS CHRIS REINKE CHRISTIAN JAMES DAVID DAVIES DIJANA BEKVALAC GABRIEL PARFITT GIANNI RUSCONI GRACE KIMBLE IDA IVANKA JAMES REYNOLDS JOHN PARFITT KATE WILSON MALCOLM FRANKLIN ODETTE FARRELL PASQUALE CESARE PETE MURRY PIKY SIMON BURDER SUSAN ABSOLON FOR UPDATES – PLEASE VISIT: WWW.FPSNEXTSHOW.COM
‘WORKSONPAPER’ AN EXHIBITION WHICH EXAMINES AND CELEBRATES THE ROLE OF PAPER IN ART. Atomic flashes of Inspiration. Pictures that come from dreams. Seeds that grow in the mind. Visions that form maquettes. It all starts with a mark on paper – the origin of ideas – created by the instinctive urge that drives an artist to transpose their thoughts, in the form of scribbled words or mishmash sketches, creating the founding marks that become the formula of design and creativity. The use of paper has had to shift and adapt in its uses through time. The evolution of Greek papyros through to the iPad revolution that desperately lurches towards the mythical paperless environment, have only made it more poignant that the media of paper is celebrated and embraced as a precious commodity, and as a material that can become the very medium that embodies the thoughts and desires of artists. Running from 9th – 21st May at the Espacio Gallery, this exhibition offers visitors an excellent opportunity to enjoy and purchase affordable art from both emerging and established painters, sculptors and printmakers. ABOUT FPS The Free Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers (formerly the Free Painters Group) has a unique place in British art. The group was established in 1952 and was originally associated with the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts). The founding members featured many high profile and influential artists, including Roy Rasmussen, Lyall Watson and Maurice Jadot. During the fifties and sixties, FPS played a significant part in the establishment of abstract art, being the first of a number of post war movements that freed artists from the orthodoxy of rigid and purely technical judgements. The current FPS membership consists of an international collective of painters, sculptors and printmakers, who hold group exhibitions two times a year in some of London’s most exciting commercial galleries. CURATION TEAM / CONTACTS Lead Curator and exhibition organiser – Gabriel Parfitt gabrielparfitt@hotmail.com – 07786865356 Co Curator / Creative Direction – Mike Garland (PIKY) Co Curator – Robert Read General –

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