How did it go?

Well I think for me it was a great success. We had over 150 visitors- at least the ones we kept count of!

The great thing about the exhibition was the visitors really engaged with the theme and the work. I personally had many great conversations about my ‘childhood memories’ and people were keen to share their own memories and the triggers that prompted them.

Post it Notes of peoples childhood memories

The video illustrated false memory and how our memory is selective- remembering extreme emotional events good and bad. My own childhood up to the age of four was quite solitary. With no siblings and living in two rooms in a shared house I spent much of my time amusing myself alone. I have a few dramatic memories of that time- mostly unhappy ones. But in the video I have imagined a happy childhood running through fields with a sibling, or friend, squeals of laughter, a dog chasing after the children, playful times.

Childhood Memories- real or imagined?

Layered images of childhood memories and present day.

Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


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