Update : Death Dreams & Desire

Photo Montage of Images by MementoCollective Members

The countdown to our collective exhibition in September is ticking by, ever faster….

I have been working on an image to give a flavour of the exhibition but this doesn’t represent by any means the diversity of the work we will be showing!

Stuart has shared a few images with the group, but not to be revealed here, very exciting. But a hint for your imagination would be’ A Surrealist slant on Vermeer’ ?

Mandy has such diversity in her interpretation of the theme that we will all, I am sure, be amazed when it is installed. Using stitch, print, installation and performance- very excited to see the event during the exhibition.

Helen’s sensitive ambiguous drawings encapsulate the Freudian themes perfectly.

Mark has had a heavy workload with two recent exhibitions in London and Cornwall and from these works I can imagine strong challenging imagery for DDD- watch this space!

My work using childhood memory mixed with real or imagined events will manifest as video, mixed media and installation pieces. Delving into distant memories of my brief relationship with my Grand Mother Ruby- she died when I was nine years old. This time I spent with her will inform the installation pieces. Other memories portrayed in layered imagery.

Here are a few more experimental images leading up to the final Press Release Header:

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We are excited to announce that our exhibition entitled ‘Death, Dreams & Desire’ will take place from 22nd September to 2nd October 2022.  The venue is the unique Safehouse 1 in Peckham, London.

Happy Life.

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