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Continuing with my plan to re purpose some old canvasses I spent Friday working in my studio again. I found a landscape I painted some years ago. At the time I made it my paintings were very minimal, made with layers of paint, scrim, hessian and various materials embedded in the paint. This would be a challenge as thick layers dried to a crust are difficult to re work.

I started by rubbing down the surface with glass paper. Then a quick outline of my current obsession- The Chapel.

As I drew the outline I considered the idea of layering and the passage of time. Of traces of past and the new addition of the present (now also the past) !

It brought to mind the recent play I saw at The Minack Theatre in Cornwall. The theme, a place haunted by events of the past, emotions, acts of violence and passion, love and jealousy, questions and realisations. Evolving dramas all taking place on the same spot over time.

A perfect fit for my current works? We will see.

This is what I made- so far- 1.My inspiration- the chapel on the Island St Ives.

2. Work in progress- mixed media on canvas:

Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


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