Photo a Day July 15 : Funny


Not especially feeling the ‘funny’ vibe this morning and un inspired I turned to the old photos.

Bearing in mind in the 1950’s photos in the average home were quite rare. I think my Dad did have a decent camera later on in the 60’s. My first camera was a Brownie box camera and I do have a few blurry pictures somewhere in the archives ( a box somewhere in my overcrowded house) So you would think that the snap shots would have been a bit more considered?

Later in my pre teens 1963 ‘ish I thought I was very mod with my flick ups and bouffant hair style- also note the very short fringe! Then we move on to 1973 when my soon to be husband took the ‘Bimbo’ shot! to be fair I’m not sure ‘Bimbo’ was even a thing then- I hope it wasn’t intentional anyway.

Captions should read: Photo bombing slippers; funny face; what was I thinking; look behind you!

That’s the best I can do for ‘Funny’ hope it at least makes you smile- I certainly have the flicker of a smile on my face now. 🙂

Happy Life.

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