July 8 Colours and Letters Prompt: ‘Y’

Yaletown Vancouver is where I stayed a few years back with my old school friend. My friend lives on Granville Island, but we stayed in Yaletown for part of my visit which is just a short ferry ride across the way.

Some days I was left to explore on my own, but always managed (surprisingly) to find my way back!

Everyone there seems to be very active, with runners and cyclists racing along the sea wall.

I was persuaded to go for a bike ride one day, but much out of practice and unable to signal- I was clinging on to the bike with both hands- made me a bit of a hazard to other bikers and pedestrians. Keeping to cycle lane was quite confusing for me. I will not be revealing any images of me on the bike!

The views from the apartment was stunning and the contrast between the city side and the Arty side were quite a contrast.

Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


परमार्थ परमो धर्म: धर्म स्वार्थ तथैव च:।


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