Miniature- June photo a day challenge

Back in the late 1950’s I have a memory of a day trip to Southend.

A day at the seaside always exciting but this was a really special trip – Dad had booked a trip in an aeroplane. The three of us in a tiny light aircraft flew around the Southend Airport countryside- with a pilot of course. Sadly no photos of the event. But I vividly remember looking down at the miniature patchwork fields and tiny houses.

Memories of Miniature Moments
Image courtesy of Hawk Hurst

The first time Mum and I had ever been in an aircraft, looking down my Mum exclaimed- how lovely – look at that miniature village below. My Dad insisted it was actually a real village, but she wasn’t convinced! That’s all I remember of the day and it made such an impression on me. I was probably eight or nine.

Ever since, like many people I am sure, I have had a fascination with all things miniature, as my fairy garden bears testament to that, and the various collections of small things I have around the house.

Yesterday I spent a lovely day with my youngest Grand Daughter- we have joined bubbles now- and we had a lovely time setting up the train set and finding the people of the right size and all the bits and pieces that make it a tiny make believe world. I think she enjoyed it as much as me 🙂

In the past I have visited with my other Grand Children Audley End Fairy Garden another mini make believe world- I loved it.

A world of imagination where we can be the controller and choose the pathways we take.

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  1. Lovely memories and a great day spent with your granddaughter… I too, remember visits to Southend and we had a caravan on a field on Convey Island for many years. Good time to be growing up.
    And thank you for subscribing to my blog.


    1. Oh thank you Judith. Yes happy memories and hopefully making happy ones for the grand children too. Although I wonder what they will make of now, when they look back? All the best, Caryl 🙂


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