Ink Blots and such like

Apart from taking photos in my garden I don’t have very much to show for the last few months. I have kept a sketchbook intermittently and managed to post on my blog every day, which is acting as a mood journal, reflecting how I respond to the daily prompts.

I have however made some small studies in my sketchbook with inks, watercolours and inktense pencils as well as some wonderful metallic paints I ordered on line which have produced some interesting effects to my ink blots.

I have also been playing with an app on my iphone camera plus which is a free app and has limited editing tools and framing which really adds something to the images- I think.

I keep on making and musing about my art work and soe days I might not produce anything much – but Art gives me Joy and that’s a good enough reason to continue!

Happy Life.

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परमार्थ परमो धर्म: धर्म स्वार्थ तथैव च:।


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