Sculpture Saturday Prompt: My collections of weird and wonderful things – part one.


Collections of small sculptures clustered together in my display cabinet.

Every so often they are moved around and take the spotlight on the mantle piece.

These are two collections waiting in the wings for now. Materials vary from driftwood, plaster metal fabric and stitch, resin and ceramic. Intrinsically valuable to me as they give me joy. Below my collection of foxes – I have more but these are my favourites.

The header collection shows the driftwood birds and animals which come from Cornwall. Every time we visit another one is added to the collection. The artist is a mystery, so I am told. The lovely Gallery owner keeps the secret of the wonderful artist who creates them. I have to visit the gallery on every visit as it is a treasure trove of fabulous art of all mediums.

I also have collections of boats and all things related to the sea (another day). Collections of figures. Pebbles of course. Birds nests, wasp nests, and so and so……more to be revealed another Saturday.

Happy Life.

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