My TOP six favourite flower heads.

My top six favourite flower heads

My top six favourite flower heads for Square: Tops and Six word Saturday April 18th 2020.

Anticipating every year the arrival of new growth, especially in my garden. The earliest arrivals are the snowdrops and hyacinths ( re planted in the garden from indoor plants) then the daffodils ( the only time I have yellow in the garden) and then everything starts to peek through..the bluebells and the alliums show their heads tentatively, hoping that the frost and wind will not stunt their growth. The blossom on the tree (singular in my garden) followed by the shrubs and their various ‘flowers’. Such an exciting time of the year with promise of more to come as the summer approaches. The jewel in the crown are the agapanthus, should they choose to flower again this year. Let’s hope so for hope is something we need just now.

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