Derwent Art Prize

Would you please vote for my entry in the Derwent Art Prize?

Either via Facebook or   sending us the name of the artist and artwork you like best to My Entry is ‘Time: Memory’ Artist: Caryl Beach.

My drawings were originally an exercise in observation to be developed later in the studio. I am still planning to take them further but was taken with their raw and immediate appearance. I am interested in transience in the landscape and the concept of time and memory. The drawing is sketchy and faded to evoke the feeling of faded memories of place and time.

Derwent Art Prize

9 April at 12:00 · 


Which of the 70 artworks shortlisted for the Derwent Art Prize is your favourite? 

You can let us know by…
➡️ liking the corresponding image in this post (on facebook)
➡️ or sending us the name of the artist and artwork you like best to

The 2 artists to receive the most reactions in this post and votes via email will win a share of the £1,000 prize money. 

Voting closes on 1 May 2020 at 12 noon BST and the People’s Choice winners will be announced on 12 May 2020. So, support your favourite now!

Of course I would love if you voted for my entry..but your choice 🙂

Could I add this as Square :Top of the hill


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