March 31 photo a day : Goodbye March

Some random March images from my library – some from a few years ago.

Well I managed to get out today to get shopping for my Dad. There were a couple of things he especially likes from one shop so got there just after 9 am and queued with a safe distance. I picked up a couple of things for myself as vegetarian food is in limited supply at my local ‘express’ shop.

When I got to the checkout an assistant said- you are only allowed three of those (tomato juice), Oh I’m sorry I said, but they are for my Dad- she retorted ” well we could all say that !” Really? -tantamount to calling me a liar! So I put them back, and now will have to go out again in a few days to buy some more and put myself and Dad at risk again 😦 Is that the best way to manage shopping for the elderly – at risk ? I’m waiting to hear back from HMGov if he can be classified as high risk, we can then order on line for him.

Dad in 2009 he is now 97.



Goodbye March

Happy Life.

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