In the print studio – new monotypes

The last few weeks I have been working in the print studio at The Forge Digswell and playing with some metal off cuts that have been lurking in my drawer for a while. The outcomes are really promising so far and I intend to add metal leaf to them- if I can perfect the application! 🙂

I was musing where has this come from, as this seems quite different to my previous work. But when I rifled through my library it appears that there is a very strong link to similar imagery throughout my art work. A tutor many years ago warned me off of using the circle in my work – perhaps because of the infinite connotations they evoke, but always up for a challenge – here goes!

Happy Life.

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परमार्थ परमो धर्म: धर्म स्वार्थ तथैव च:।


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