‘time lapse II’. Exhibition at Hertford House

time : the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present and future regarded as a whole (Oxford Dictionary) the measured or measurable period during which an action, process or condition exists or continues (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary)

My preoccupation with the concept of time has led me to re examine my practice- viewing previous work from a different perspective. Now the horizon lines and series of moving images, tree lines and hedgerows, tides and waves, pretty well everything I am observing seem to mark time. But of course this seems obvious now, how could it not.

“Physics is the only science that explicitly studies time, but even physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand.” *

I hope my work can illustrate a concept of time as words are not my thing- visual imagery leaves the imagination to form it’s own conclusions.

With that thought in mind this is what I have been working on- ‘time lapse II’, in preparation for its showing at Hertford House as part of the art trail in Hertford- launching on Friday April 5th.

The time lapse video will be in the reception of the hotel together with stills taken from the footage- displayed as thumbnail poster images.

Looking forward to the Mayor’s Charity Event at The Castle on Friday evening where the Art Trail’s private view and meet the artists will take place. pick up your map from the Tourist Information Centre in Hertford.


time lapse II

stills taken from time lapse video.
Art trail map available from Tourist Information in Hertford


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