News for 2019

January 2019 marks the start of my practice at my new base in Dicker Mill Hertford. Several events are already on the calendar, kicking off with Thin Places revisited at Art Van Go Knebworth at the end of January 2019.

Open Studio Events:

I will be opening my studio for HVAF Open Studios in September as well as taking part in Digswell Arts Open Studios at The Forge Digswell in May 2019 as part of the print group artists.

Art Trail:

I have also applied to take part in Hertford Art Trail to take place in April 2019 around Hertford Town Centre, where I am hoping to exhibit two short films and photography shot in Cornwall.

The Wynd Gallery Artists Collective:

My work can also be seen at The Wynd Gallery in Letchworth where I will continue to be a member of the collective. Lots of exciting events coming up in Letchworth this year- watch this space.

Happy Life.

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