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Thin Places with Gill Ayre and Caryl Beach

Thin Placesare places where the veil between the temporal and the spiritual worlds are tissue-thin, and in such places, we may be able to experience glimpses of the spiritual dimension.

If you missed thin places exhibition at The Wynd Gallery in October 2018 there will be another opportunity to see the exhibition at Art Van Go at the end of January 2019.

Pier by Caryl Beach

Caryl Beach and Gill Ayre – Biogs:

Gill Ayre has been a practicing artist since graduating with First Class Honours in Fine Art from the University of Bedfordshire in 2010, after which she secured a 5 year Fellowship with Digswell Arts. Gill has exhibited in Hertfordshire, London and the Norwich, in private and public galleries and through group exhibitions and Art Fairs, and currently works out of a shared studio at Langley End, near Hitchin.

Gill’s work is an emotional and contemplative response to landscape, and is primarily process driven, allowing a semblance of landscape to emerge out of successive semi translucent layers of loose paint, applied in drips and splashes over time, which partially obscure, and partially reveal, what came before. 

The finished paintings are therefore not of a specific place or location but rather an impression of colours, forms, light, and atmosphere. The viewer is therefore allowed to find their own unique relationship and response to the finished paintings, a recognition not of a specific place but rather of an emotion, atmosphere or mood.  

Caryl Beachlives and works in Hertfordshire, a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire where she attained her BA Hons and MA in Fine Art. 

Caryl was awarded Best Video Prize in 2012 by Elstree Heritage at Eastern Approaches Open Exhibition St Albans Hertfordshire. She has recently completed her five year fellowship at Digswell Arts where she is currently a print member and a trustee. She is also a member of The Wynd Gallery Artists Gallery Cooperative located at The Wynd in Letchworth Hertfordshire. She has exhibited in London, and various locations in Hertfordshire.

Her studio is based at Dicker Mill Hertford.

Working primarily with photography and also video and mixed media, she has documented her experiences in the landscape, which have evolved into a visual diary, a journal, which records and reflects her everyday journeys.

Her work acknowledges an appreciation and acceptance of the transient nature of our world and its simple integrity, with a beauty that lies in imperfection and impermanence.

Caryl Beach MA

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