Opaque ? peeling away the layers in the landscape.


As an artist inspired by the landscape I am especially interested in capturing images that are often overlooked because they are hidden by a veil of overwhelming information that is beyond the vision and comprehension of the human eye. The landscape is overwhelming for me and my way of honing in on the detail is to peel away the seemingly opaque layers of visual information through photography. Using photography I am able to capture every unseen, overlooked detail to be observed later at leisure. To quote from my bio:

‘Caryl’s work focuses on observing and recording the smallest insignificant details that emanate from shadows and refraction of the sunlight. Images of neglected and once abandoned buildings, traces of the layers of history that echo a universal theme of transience, absence and presence. Her investigations have led her into a micro world that requires close inspection and a magnification process in order to record the finest minutiae’

I have tried to illustrate these observations and include my sketchbook collage (see above) as a response to the daily post challenge: Opaque

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