New Fellows @ The Forge, Digswell Arts

2016 has been a great year for The Forge with three artists taking up studios here. Anton joins us from The Farmhouse Studios. Dave Nelson and Toby are new fellows to Digswell Arts.

View their profiles via the links  below:

Dave Nelson

Toby Lattimore

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Digswell Arts : https://digswellarts.orgscreen-shot-2016-12-29-at-10-07-24

Artists at The Forge Digswell are planning another Open Studio Event to celebrate Digswell Arts 60th Anniversary . Visit us at The Forge on May6/7th 2017 11am-4pm.

There is ample parking and refreshments available the proceeds to go to Isabel Hospice.

Watch this space for updates or better still sign up to the DA website for news of events across both sites at Digswell and Letchworth.

Both sites offer inspiring workshops in Painting, Ceramics and Printmaking and more! take  a look on the site for more information: Digswell Arts :


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