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SONG PICK: Saints Patience – Break of Dawn – PREMIERE

Swirly guitar riffs first, driving drum beats next, followed by a soft cloud of strings and then the vocals, oh these smooth and soulful rock vocals – what more is there to desire? “Break of Dawn” is one superb example of an instantly addictive alt-rock anthem!

London duo Saints Patience, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Spencer and vocalist Mudibu, deliver something absolutely spectacular with their debut single. It is hard to put a label on “Break of Dawn” as the song takes its turns and surprises with a brief guitar solo here, some heavy electro-funk beats there and then the big sweeping and ultimately uplifting chorus on the song’s title “Break Of Dawn”.

This is one of the songs DJs get asked about over and over, and which won’t leave favorites playlists any time soon. Saints Patience will release a full-length album later this year. Listen to “Break of Down”, our Song Pick of the Day premiere, now:

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