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I am currently working on ideas for a self portrait. Now at a significant milestone in my life (so far) I would really like to experiment with this idea. As an artist working in and with the landscape this is far from my usual oeuvre and definitely out of my comfort zone! Any suggestions on how to approach this task will be greatly appreciated 🙂

My sketches and collage ideas so far:




I have used my gravatar for now and still have a couple of cats to add! haha 🙂

On Monday I made a start on the painting – not sure where it’s going yet. Using collage acrylic and transfers here is stage one:

IMG_0334 (1)

Latest version – added two more of my cats this week, still needs some work and much more to add… Not sure about the “CATS” eyes..what do you think?



The featured Image at the top of post is now the latest stage of painting. I have now added a small scene depicting a confrontation between my female cat Cleo (deceased) and a visiting fox. Cleo objected to the fox drinking from the fountain in my garden, and stood her ground. She was a sweet aloof cat, I re homed her from a Wood Green Animal Sanctuary in Hertfordshire along with her tortie sister Yasmin. They were adorable cats. I have also added my Daughter’s cat Oscar, a bengal who sadly died from a road accident. I homed him and his brother Jasper for a while when my Daughter went travelling quite a few years ago now.

Happy Life.

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