Ross Loveday (Digswell Arts print member) exhibits new works at Lynne Strover Gallery


Ross Loveday was born in Bargoed, S. Wales in 1946. He studied Optometry at the University of Wales in Cardiff and practised as an optician for many years before concentrating on his lifelong commitment to painting from 1990 onwards.

Ross Loveday paints most subjects many times over so that it is not really the subject that truly interests him, but the many possible ways, and finally the only possible way of expressing it – it’s then that he begins to feel content. The subjects are only the starting points – sometimes small insignificant details or texture triggers a complete painting.

An exhibition of evocative paintings together with atmospheric dry point and carborundum prints prove to create a stunning display of work from Ross Loveday (who is a print member of Digswell Arts).  These works coupled with the delightful bronze sculptures by Christopher Marvell make for a cohesive exhibition which is a pleasure to view. Lynne Strover Gallery is an elegant and spacious gallery set in an idyllic location in the village of Fen Ditton. I would highly recommend a visit.


Sculpture by Christopher Marvell
Paintings and prints by Ross Loveday

Show continues 27 May – 13 June,
Wednesday to Saturday 11am – 4pm

Our Gallery

23 High Street, Fen Ditton, Cambridge, CB5 8ST
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