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Caryl Beach

Open Studios at The Forge Digswell Hertfordshire in May 2015. Group exhibition entitled ‘Encounters’ to be held at Parndon Mill Harlow Essex May-June 2015.


Arrow  When and how do you start to create?

I am photographing the ‘everyday’ on a daily basis. Observing and recording the everyday, the landscape changing constantly, my journeys through each day present new experiences for me to note and capture: moving images; macro images; moments in time. All inspiring me to reiterate through my work, using video, photography, painting and print. Plough lines are one of my more recent obsessions..along with moving hedgerows (I’m moving, not the hedgerows) and lines of saplings/trees, horizon lines..rivers and streams (recent video)……and when I have the opportunity – the Sea and harbours-to mention just a few! I have now completed my MA and continue to explore the world using my camera as a tool to record my experiences. An everyday visual journal.

Arrow  Do you create as a professional or for your own?

I take my art work seriously. But what is considered professional? My art certainly does not pay the bills!

Arrow  How do you learn and work your skill?

Through constantly pushing the boundaries. Experimenting, learning from others.

Arrow  What do you like in this art?

I am open to all forms of art. Photography carries it’s own unique baggage with endless connotations and levels of truth and untruth, this for me makes it a fascinating medium with endless interpretation and at the same time ambiguity.

Arrow  What are your favourite subject(s)?

Landscape- interior, exterior, everything holds interest for me. Especially like to capture images that ‘catch my eye’ during my journeys of every day. A current research project bears the title “Encounters” which is a subject I am interested in anyway- but now I am more aware of- with my i phone at the ready!

Arrow  How do you prepare a creation work?

I try to start with no preconceived ideas of the outcome. I wait for the light to show me the subject! From a series of photographs I develop print work or painting from the impressions I have experienced. With video I often capture footage, with no idea where it will go. With a more specific project in mind I will gather many short clips of the subject and edit – at a very simple level- to a short story line. Examples of recent videos ‘Stream’ ( and Wallace 100 Project ‘the simple act of walking’ (

Arrow  What are your prefered moment(s) when you create?

I never know when the time is right, it just happens, but I am an early morning person, this is when I am most inspired.

Arrow  What your most representative creations? (links)

look in my web site or at inparallel at pbase web site visit my BLOG:

Arrow  What are you trying to share via your art?

how I see the world at this moment in time. To suggest that we take a moment to stop and look at the amazing world we inhabit.

Arrow  Who are artists that fascinate or give you inspiration? (links)

Many too many to list. I am always looking at new and old work in galleries and exhibitions.Recently visited Anselm Kiefer at RA. Hughie O’Donoghue at James Hyman in Savile Row, inspirational work incorporating photographic imagery into layers of oil/glazes. Love his work. visited Millais which was fantastic. Louise Bourgoise at Tate Modern. I try to visit galleries as often as possible, sometimes Cork Street to see what is new in the art world, the young art input is great to see, full of energy and new ways of looking at the world. Recently visited David Ward at Kettles Yard, Cambridge, I found the diversity of his work very inspirational. Also Julia Hutton at Bridport Gallery Dorset visit:

Arrow  What equipment and/or technic do you use?

Nothing special. At the moment I have been using my i phone 5s camera to snap the everyday. I have a Olympus small digital camera, easy to carry around. Also a Nikon D60.

Arrow  How and why your work as changed since you started?

After completing my Masters in Fine Art at University of Hertfordshire -where working with other practitioners helped me to develop my own practice. I am better informed now. The images I capture have more depth of meaning for me, which I hope to convey to the viewer too. I have moved into a studio at Digswell Arts Trust at The Forge Digswell Hertfordshire. I hope this will be the beginning of a refreshed and stimulating era for my work.

Arrow  What does the Internet media give you?

Interaction with other artists and access to other art. a platform to show my work to a wider audience. Feedback from other artists to inform me of my work and others work.

Arrow  What are you expecting from Art Limited and/or other members?

critical feedback, a platform to show my work.

Arrow  What are your plans for future?

To continue to develop my work.hope to show my work to a wider audience. I am exhibiting work next year (2015) at Parndon Mill with the group ‘praesentia’ Titled ‘Encounters’ I had several exhibitions planned in 2013 and this year. Open Studios at Digswell Arts Trust in Digswell Hertfordshire in 2015. The Art Trail with fellow members of praesentia was located in and around Hertford’s St Andrews street and Old Cross…to celebrate the life and achievements of Alfred Russel Wallace. praesentia will also be exhibiting work at Parndon Mill Harlow in May/June 2015.follow link

Arrow  Do you have anything else to say?

thanks for use of your site I will welcome comments on my work. Folllow me on wordpress blog : and praesentia :

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