Nothingness @ Parndon Mill Harlow

7th August – 14th September




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‘Nothingness’ includes the work of five artists with links to Digswell Arts: Hideki Arichi, Ella Carty, Jo Howe, Alex McIntyre and William White. These artists respond to the theme of nothingness using a variety of media: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Drawing. Originally inspired by an edition of Start the Week, a BBC R4 programme in which the idea of nothingness was examined from different perspectives, these artists bring their own creative insight to the subject.

For Alex McIntyre nothingness is a leap of faith; the emptiness into which inspiration rushes. Nothingness is difficult to comprehend because the very act of considering it changes it. It is glimpsed at the periphery of consciousness: both before and after, ecstasy and grief. For this exhibition Alex is producing drawings that question human states of being.

Ella Carty’s work is a personal exploration of the existential state of nothingness. Her paintings of landscapes evoke a sense of both isolation and stillness. There is a sense in which these empty and seductive landscapes are both intriguing and unsettling. Her use of colour and its capacity to entice emotion is striking. Ella says I wanted to convey a sense of unreality as well as detachment, to communicate a sense of how it feels to be in a state of nothingness.

Jo Howe explores the notion of nothing by exploring emotional responses to the space in-between. Jo’s practice focuses on the frustrations of human communication working with old manuscripts that bear the physical imperfections and aromas of past human handling and thus retain elements of their human presence. The book or page becomes a tool for looking inwards to our evolving personal narratives rather than the read contents of the book as text.

William White is a printmaker based in Cornwall. His take on nothingness is a study of the satellite dishes at Goonhilly on the Lizard peninsular in Cornwall, which are currently in the process of being recommissioned. Goonhilly is a cluster of satellite dishes known for receiving the first ever Trans-Atlantic satellite TV images, broadcast by Telstar in 1962. These gigantic structures, seemingly staring at nothing were perfect inspiration for the title nothingness.

Hideki Arichi is a British born Japanese artist. He is approaching the idea of nothingness by reading Eastern philosophical interpretations found in Zen Buddhism and by identifying personal reactions and indicators to these. The work includes paintings, drawings and prints.

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Finding Parndon Mill
Parndon Mill is situated at the North West Corner of Harlow, on the River Stort
Location map

From Harlow Town Centre

Travel North towards Harlow Town Station
At the station roundabout turn left along Elizabeth Way towards The Pinnacles Take the 3rd small turning on right (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors)

From the M 11
Drive North on the A 414 for approx 2 miles. At the Gates Garage roundabout turn left along Edinburgh Way to Harlow Town station roundabout -straight over on to Elizabeth Way – take 3rd small turning on right (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors)

From the A10
Turn East along the A414 – Approaching Harlow, turn right at roundabout (Eastwick Lodge Farm) right at next roundabout (Harlow Town Station) – 3rd small turning on right off Elizabeth Way (between Rugby Club and Adams Motors)

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