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Craft Fabrics – Papercrafts & Scrapbooking | Hearts and Crafts.

Welcome to Hearts and Crafts
It has been a busy few weeks since opening the doors to our little store in the small village of Walkern, Hertfordshire, on 10th May. Finally, though, we are able to welcome you to our website, where you will very soon see details of all of the products available in store, plus some exclusive online ranges as well as details of special offers and much more. We hope very much to bring our full range of products to you before the end of June.

In the meantime, our website is the place to come to find out about our forthcoming crafting skills workshops. Unfortunately these cannot yet be booked and paid for online, so if you would like to register for one of our workshops please email advising the name of the workshop that you would like to attend.

Happy Life.

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