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The Arts Festival launch is this Friday 25th April at The Castle 7.30pm

I have work showing in The Castle and at Peter & Susan Brown Interiors in St Andrews Street.

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Why not come along during the celebrations and enjoy the Art Trail : Street Performance : market stalls and lots of other exciting events ….

Hertford Arts Festival | Go Hertford.


April 25th 2014 19:00 to May 11th 2014

Hertford Town Centre

The first Hertford Arts Festival has come to town.

The launch of the Arts Festival will commence on Friday 25th April at Hertford Castle with a Fine Wine, Cheese and Art Exhibition starting at 6pm.

The evening events form the launching pad for the Hertford Art Trail around 26 venues in Hertford Town centre which will run from Saturday 26th April until 11th May. See below for details of the locations and artists

In the town centre on the 26th April there will an English celebration Street Festival with musicians playing, street performers ,morris dancing and much more.

On May 11th why not head over to the Castle where you can enjoy tea and home-made scones and wander around the first craft market on the Castle lawn?

For further information see the next section or contact melissa@hertford.gov.uk or call 01992 552885.

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