Maxine King, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


Maxine King, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.

Maxine King

For Paradise, Maxine King has created a text-based neon sign reminiscent of public signage, witty yet un-instructional, the opposite of public sign. The work, as a sign above the entrance to the Town Hall suggests we are about to cross the threshold to a new place, one different to that which we expected.  The piece is a light hearted play on Letchworth’s vision of Utopia.

Saturday 5 April until Sunday 27 April

Town Hall, Letchworth Town Hall, Broadway Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, SG6 3PF
Click here for directions

10am to 5pm Mondays to Saturdays

For more information on Maxine King visit

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