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The Statue | The Alfred Russel Wallace Website.

The Statue

A Bronze Statue of Wallace: A lasting legacy of 2013

On the 15th July 2012 the Wallace Memorial Fund, with the enthusiastic support of our Patron Bill Bailey and our Treasurer, Wallace’s grandson Dick, began a campaign to raise £50,000 for a life-size bronze statue of Wallace to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Wallace’s death in 2013. It will be the first three-dimensional likeness of Wallace ever made.

The Fund’s campaign closed 7 months later on the 16th February 2013 and exactly £25,000 was raised (£10,000 from Alan Smith, £11,732.19 from 73 other donors and a further £3,267.81 from Alan to make the total up to £25,000). Phase 2 of the fundraising campaign began in earnest in May and is being run by Entangled Bank Events and the Ancestor’s Trail Several exciting educational events are being organised by these non-profit making organisations and proceeds from the sale of tickets to them will go towards paying for the other half of the statue. If you can’t attend one of these events but would still like to make a donation then please follow link above where you may click the icon below.

Where will the statue be displayed?………


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