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Current Projects- Coming Soon:

June 2013

Selection of work by Caryl Beach will be showing at

Palace Green Gallery
Stable Yard
Hatfield Park
paintings, prints on metal and unframed mono prints.
Also showing:work by fellow members of praesentia Sally Tyrie and Veronica Grassi in the gallery.
Currently painting displayed at Maxin Porcaro in Old Cross Hertford.
March 2013

May 5th 2013 Open Studios Day at Digswell Arts Trust, The Forge Welwyn Hertfordshire.September 2013 Hertfordshire Open Studios at The Forge Welwyn Hertfordshire.

November 2013-Exhibition in various sites around Hertford Town Centre to celebrate 100 th Anniversary of the death of Alfred Russel Wallace.

March-April 2014 praesentia to exhibit at New Maynard Gallery Welwyn Garden City.

praesentia :

aka Caryl Beach, Veronica Grassi and Sally Tyrie are currently working on a proposed exhibition to celebrate Wallace 100.

We are exploring possible venues in Hertfordshire to show our collaborative works, hopefully sometime during November 2013…watch this space!

Wallace100 logo


Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913)

The Museum celebrates Alfred Russel Wallace, the forgotten father of evolution, with Wallace100, a programme of events to mark the centenary of his death.

Intrepid explorer, brilliant naturalist and remarkable intellectual, Alfred Russel Wallace co-discovered the process of evolution by natural selection with Charles Darwin.

Wallace100 is a celebration of his life and scientific legacy in 2013, the centenary of his death.

Natural History Museum.

The Wallace Collection at the Natural History Museum contains thousands of letters, notebooks and documents, as well as 28 drawers of specimens collected by Wallace on epic trips to the Malay Archipelago and South America.

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