ADVANCED STYLE: In Celebration of Grandmothers and Grandsons

ADVANCED STYLE: In Celebration of Grandmothers and Grandsons.

I love this blog!

Advanced style blog is fabulous and so inspiring to see fun loving glamorous women of advanced years still out there with elegance and panache.

I personally had two very different Grand Mothers. My maternal Grandmother was totally gaga and dressed in black (so that’s where I inherited that from). She also continued with the blackout until she died( in 1960-I was 9 ).

She loved hats and would bring home a new hat and immediately ‘cutomise’ it by steaming it over the kettle and attacking it with the scissors to get the shape ‘just right’

She was always adorned with fabulous brooches and had a wonderful jewellery box that was overflowing with beads, brooches and hat pins! Wish I had that box now.

My paternal ‘Nan’ was more conservative but always did her hair and wore eyebow pencil and cupid bow lips, and of course powdered her nose.

I hope I leave colourful happy memories behind for my grandchildren to remember me by.

Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


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