Charlie Bentley

Charlie Bentley.



After completing a Graphic Design degree at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2007, I began working with Channel 4.

I spent six months putting my design skills to good use on the E4 Faces project and worked as a production assistant within the Channel 4 team.

To develop my design skills further, but keeping within the world of TV, I started as a Junior Designer at the London-based TV production company Cellcast, where I took on a variety of broadcast design projects. I quickly worked my way up to Head of Design gaining valuable managerial skills.

For more creative freedom, I have branched out on my own. I am now a freelance designer specialising in editorial design, broadcast design and illustration.

Clients include: National Lottery, Movember, Howies, Studio 176, Spunky, E4, The Friday Night Project and Channel 4.

Other places of work: Wallpaper Magazine & The Telegraph.

If I’m not at my desk designing, you’ll more than likely find me covered in mud at a festival. I’m a big fan of all things outdoors related and love travelling. Back in the city, I am passionate about the theatre and enjoy a good art exhibition!

Email: | Phone: 07912 040685

great designer..see more of the work at this web site.

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