The Campaign For Drawing

The Campaign For Drawing.



Every October, the Campaign’s flagship programme brings communities together in creative ways. Launched as a one-day celebration in 2000, The Big Draw is now an annual month-long festival of over one thousand events across the UK. National and regional museums, galleries and heritage sites, local libraries, schools and community centres participate.


The Big Draw is an open invitation to people of all ages to discover how drawing can connect them with their surroundings and the wider community, and offer enjoyment. Over 20 countries join the UK annually in organising events.


The 2011 season kicked off at Kings Place, London with The Big Draw’s Big Splash, a celebration of illustration for children and adults launched by Campaign Patron Quentin Blake, and enjoyed by over 2000 participants.


Big Draw organisers are encouraged to document their activities, and to apply for one of twelve prestigious Drawing Inspiration Awards for the most innovative and engaging events. These Awards are sponsored by the Barbara Whatmore Charitable Trust and NADFAS. The 2011 deadline is 16 December 2011.


Drawing Action, a one-year programme funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, has developed a regional network of Campaign Associates – artists and arts educators – to support those interested in using drawing more effectively in cultural and educational settings.




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