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Open Studio Event at The Forge Digswell May 21-22 2016 11-4 Refreshments will be  available, proceeds will be donated to Isabel Hospice.

Print Workshops at The Forge Digswell:

 with Sally Tyrie

Spring  2016  Programme of Print Workshops at Digswell Arts 

Spring Dates;

Sat 20th February – An introduction to Dry Point Etching with Holly Wisker

Sat 26th March – Combining Monoprint with intaglio methods

Times of all workshops – 10.30 – 4. 00pm
Fees; One day £ 55
Discounts available for advanced booking; 2 days – £96/  3 days – £140 / 4 days – £180 / 5 days – £224

All print sessions will be held at the Digswell ‘Forge’ studios, in the fully equipped print workshop, which houses a large etching press and Albion Press. Other facilities include a kitchen and ample on-site parking.

What is a Digswell Arts Trust Fellow?

Fellowship seeks to provide a springboard to artists seeking to become self-sustaining from their art. Regardless of whether they come from full time employment or directly from arts education, artists find the first years of attempting to make a living from their art difficult. Fellowship offers a period of stability which acts as breathing space, allowing them to develop their art in these crucial early years, and to build up a range of contacts. Critical to this period of stability is a studio; Fellowship includes a low cost studio, initially for three years, with possible extension to five, heavily subsidised in the early years, later moving nearer commercial rates.

There are benefits beyond a studio. Artists join a community of others attempting to make the same transition, whom often have experiences to share. Accordingly, there are often opportunities to feed off each other’s work. In addition, artists are able to access opportunities that arise because of the Trusts links to the community, as well as University’s and art colleges.

Fellows come from a wide range of artistic & creative disciplines from all possible backgrounds ranging from fine artists to jewellery makers, film makers, fashion designers, and instrument makers. Whatever their discipline we expect Fellows to demonstrate high standards of originality of approach and creative imagination in their chosen field with the commitment needed to become a professional artist. We look for fellows that will work well together as we believe that one of the key benefits of fellowship is the support provided by other artists undergoing the same journey.

Fellows work together to organise their day to day affairs and activities. Taking responsibility for the “life of the studio” provides an opportunity to learn skills such as organising marketing of an exhibition or working with a community organisation, which the Trust encourages.

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