Encounter 3.1 by Caryl Beach on Art Limited

Encounter 3.1

Encounter 3.1 by Caryl Beach on Art Limited.

A new body of work for the exhibition at Parndon Mill :

praesentia ; encounters

A return to painting / mixed media ‘alchemy’ has resulted into an exciting new phase for my artwork. Having previously gravitated towards photography, video and mono printing.

I now feel confident that I can show my painting/manipulation of materials without trepidation!

Feedback welcomed – please be gentle with me! haha

Encounter 2.2

Encounter 2.2


Walk along the Mere to Martello Tower

IMG_5792 IMG_5790 IMG_5789 IMG_5788

1.Detail of walk along the Mere. 2-4.Details of larger featured image.

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