Sitting in the garden on Saturday

Six Word Saturday What a joy yesterday sitting in the garden in the sunshine. Except that like most of us, I suspect, sitting was interspersed with jumping up with secateurs in hand and snipping off dead ends of shrubs. As my garden is presently a container garden, I'm also continually moving the pots around as …

No really – Am I being Unreasonable?

#Six Word Saturday Don't ask!! A week of unacceptable changes at the last minute from 'others' which has left me questioning.......that's all I am saying 🙂 Nothing to do with #6WS but I am so excited to see my blue poppy has returned this year, and it promises flowers too! I'll hopefully post again when …

Wondering where the woodpecker has gone Where has he gone I wonder? Since the lockdown I haven't had a visit from Mr Woodpecker, having only in recent months welcomed him to my garden. I suspect my presence in the garden has put him off from visiting, or maybe he doesn't need to feed from my tree now? Who knows, but …

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